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Protect all your assets by building an Identity-driven Security  Framework Partner with us to guarantee your Investment True Solutions for Real Challenges
Protect all your assets by building an Identity-driven Security Framework
We can help you building an identity-driven comprehensive security framework for your employees, partners, contractors, suppliers or even for your customers or citizens.
Partner with us to guarantee your Investment
We help you managing your business needs and IT infrastructure. Leave IT issues with us and focus on your core business. We will assume it with the same care as for ourselves.
True Solutions for Real Challenges
We help you supporting your organisation constraints and your business issues by the most appropriate and right sized solutions.

The Metastore Group completes acquisition of OPNS

A new chapter begins as the Metastore group brings OPNS on board. On August 11th, 2023, Belgium-based Metastore Group, a top security and risk management provider, finalized its acquisition of OPNS. This acquisition enhances Metastore’s security service offerings and continues its expansion trend, following its recent acquisitions in Holland and Belgium. The merger also solidifies a strategic partnership with OpenText and its associated entities.

What we offer

For more than 30 years, OPNS is committed to delivering the most appropriate (right-sized for today, considering tomorrow) IT solutions. With a high focus on Identity-driven solutions, OPNS became for many enterprises the right partner to design, implement and support their enterprise IT infrastructure.












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Our Services

Consulting Services

Benefit of hundreds of years of combined expertise in Security (Identity, Access Governance, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and much more), or Infrastructure (management, virtualization, storage).

Software Developments

30 years of enterprise IT experience to assist you in selecting, installing, configuring, and customizing the best software solution (commercial or open-source) according to your specific needs.

Housing/Hosting Services

OPNS uses its own Data Center to offer you flexible housing or hosting solutions. Reliable, secure, and personalized services contrast with mass hosting competing offers. We take care of your main or backup data or even be a key component of your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Support Services

Looking for appropriate support related to your business activities and constraints? OPNS proposes various solution support packages on top of vendor product support. From basic to very advanced, from standard to totally “à la carte”. We match your own SLA requirements.

Our Solutions



    Powered by recognized security vendors like between others OpenText™, NetIQ, and Sophos, OPNS can help you to achieve Identity-Powered Security by providing the tools, the expertise, and the implementation services you need to aggregate identity information from across your IT infrastructure and integrate this information into your security monitoring tools, delivering the essential “identity context” teams need to recognize – and address- potential attacks faster than ever before thought possible.

    Identity-driven security is based on the least privileges concept providing the user the minimum rights needed to accomplish his duties.

    Our comprehensive approach and modular framework help you to take control of who has access to what, where, when, and why.

    The security starts with the right visibility of your user privileges, complemented by the right perimeter protection.

Our Products


IDM connector for Remedy

IDM connector for Remedy

The Identity Manager Driver for Remedy Action Request System (ARS) is designed to synchronize data between the IDM Metadirectory and data stored in an ARS Remedy server.
IDM connector for RemedyForce

IDM connector for RemedyForce

The Identity Manager Driver for Remedy Force (The Cloud version of Remedy ) is designed to synchronize data between the IDM Metadirectory and data stored in a Cloud Force S Remedy server.
IDM connector for Open-Xchange

IDM connector for Open-Xchange

The Identity Manager Driver for Open-Xchange is designed to synchronize data between the IDM Metadirectory and data stored in an Open-Xchange Server (Users, Mailboxes, Distributions lists,…).
IDM connector for Text Protocols (universal)

IDM connector for Text Protocols (universal)

The Text Protocols driver is a pluggable protocol level driver, supporting out-of-the-box SOAP, REST and scripting. It uses easy to use templating to format the text and javascript to configure execution.

IDM connector for Generic Files

The Generic File Driver for IDM is an open source driver similar to the Text Driver shipped with IDM, but has more capabilities and flexibility.

– Custom Solutions –



A Windows and LDAP-based object-oriented application, providing for the backup and recovery of objects in a Novell eDirectory environment.


OPNS Remote® is a Job Dispatcher to execute one or more jobs on one or more target systems.
Service Manager

Service Manager

OPNS Service Manager is an application used to manage the startup of Windows Services based upon user defined configurations. Set up your profiles and benefit from all of your system resources.


OPNS Windows Lifecycle Management Suite® is designed to handle the installation of the operating systems and any kind of application onto target systems in a controlled and monitored way.


OPNS SmartCard Manager® is an application used to manage the certificates and PIN codes of Smart Cards as well as to personalize the layout of the smart cards and print it out.

– Broadcast –

Broadcasting operations, formerly a part of OPNS, are now housed in the separate specialized SoundNodes company.

Visit the dedicated website:   www.soundnodes.com

Our Partners


OpenText software applications manage content and unstructured data for large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms. OpenText aims its products at addressing information management requirements, including management of large volumes of content, compliance with regulatory requirements, and mobile and online experience management.

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About us

Founded in 1989, OPNS is a Benelux entity that occupies around 20 people and has activities in Belgium, Luxembourg, the north of France and also in the Middle East.

OPNS Mission Statement consists in providing any size company the best solution filling its today’s and tomorrow’s needs using the most advanced proven technologies. OPNS’s customer base consists of medium to large companies and ministries, from different sectors like banks, insurances, retail, industries, health care and public institutions. OPNS has developed strong or exclusive partnership with recognized brands related to its core activities, like: OpenText, NetIQ, Novell, Suse, GLPI, Vasco, X-IO, VMware, Veeam, Condusiv, Sophos,…

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