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IDM connector for Generic Files

What is it

The IDM connector for Generic Files (commonly referred to as GFD – Generic File Driver – on the Micro Focus forum) is a modular open source shim. It is a replacement of the standard Delimited Text driver provide. It solves various issues and limitations embedded in that shim.

The IDM connector for Generic Files:

  • Produces and consumes regular NDS documents (no need for any XSLT conversion).
  • Consumes add, modify or instance documents on the subscriber channel.
  • Auto-query back for missing attributes on modify commands consumed.
  • The shim generates associations and source DN’s, configurable via ECMA-script.
  • Publisher channel processes files in a streaming mode. A maximum of 20 records are buffered in memory (whenever support by the file type: CSV and XML).
  • Publisher channel can add meta-data about the file or record processed (e.g.: record number, filename, last record indicator, etc).
  • Publisher channel supports interruption (driver stop command) during file processing.
  • Supports the following files types: XML, CSV, images(png, jpeg, bmp,…) and raw files.

How can we help

OPNS, as a Micro Focus partner, can provide consulting services for this or other shims.

We can add support for proprietary file formats if needed. Our team has hands-on experience adding additional file formats to the shim.

Do you have a client who still has an aversion to open source? OPNS can provide support for the shim to reassure them.

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