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IDM connector for Text Protocols (universal)

What is it:

The IDM connector for Text Protocols (universal) is a modular, template based shim, focused on text based protocols. Text base protocols are those protocols that are mainly used as a means to transfer the (text) content. As a result, the actual number of methods in the API’s are typically limited.


  • http: the content is for example the actual JSON, SOAP or XML message. Http is the means of transporting the content, with a limited number of API calls (PUT, GET, POST,…). Example: Google Apps
  • Scripting: the content is the actual on the fly generated script. The protocol is the execution of the script. Example: Linux server account provisioning.

This driver provides an extremely flexible but simple method to integrate with these text base protocols.

Flexibility and simplicity are provided via:

  • A plugable architecture in every important step of the process
  • Javascript based configuration
  • Velocity templates for formatting both the XDS and application commands (eliminates complex and hard to understand XSLT)

Example configuration for Google Apps (bidirectional) and Linux server account creation (subscriber) are provided.

You can see how it works in the following short movie

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